Deductible Business Expenses

Self-employed entrepreneurs incur many common business expenses that are fully deductible against their business income. I can help you understand which business expenses are deductible, and which are partly deductible, and what is note deductible for federal tax purposes, so if you have a business learning about money is essential since money management is important to handle any business.

Have you ever gotten lost trying to find the resources to get your finances in order? Am I sure this will work for me or you related to investing a million dollars (or less) in real estate in a short period of time with limited resources available to us as real estate investors at this time in history because we are being stampeded out of one of the last places the wealthy could hide their wealth in a U.S. dollar collapse by investing into hard assets like real estate and land that was cash flowing – but what about 10000 dollars or less but don’t know the difference between a duplex house or a single family home and need to invest in one that you didn’t know if you had the skills to manage it to begin with …. am I going to get hurt financially by doing this too if I make a mistake or not know about something I don’t know/ don’t understand about investing in a rental property and I can help you with this¬† Call for an appointment.